Home Fitness For An Affordable Way To Get In Shape

When you think of getting fit, you may think that you have to invest in a club or a gym.

However, fitness does not have to be a financial investment. In fact, an effective way to get fit is to do it right in your own home.

portrait of lovely couple doing yoga exercise at homeHome fitness is an affordable way to incorporate fitness into your life without spending a dime.

Here are some exercises you can do that will benefit your health, that doesn’t require expensive health club machines, and that will cost you zero dollars or at most, a minimal investment.


Technically you can run in your bare feet. However, it’s best to invest in a good pair of running shoes to protect your feet. A good pair of running shoes will cost you anywhere from $50 to $100.

From there, just put on some comfortable clothes that match the weather and start running.

Running is one of the most natural things that a human can do, and it’s good for not only weight management, but for your coordination, your heart and your blood pressure.

Try running at least three days week. Begin at your front door and run for one to three miles.

Don’t worry about how fast you’re going. This is not a race. You are simply running for your health and fitness.


Doing pushups is an entirely free activity that is good for toning your shoulders and your chest.

Begin by lying face down on a flat surface. You can use an exercise mat if you wish, but it’s not mandatory. Just make sure the surface is flat and clear of debris.

Put your hands on the surface on either side of your chest. Your face should be looking down, and your legs should be straight with your toes against the floor.

Raise your body using your hands and arms and then lower your body. Your toes remain against the floor.

If this is too difficult, you can do your pushups with your knees bent against the floor rather than with straight legs.


Sit-ups are not only great for your abs but also your back. Begin by lying face up on a hard surface.

Use a yoga mat if desired. Bend your legs with your feet on the floor. Raise your body to sitting with your arms stretched out in front of you. Then lower back down.

This is the beginning version of a sit-up. Keeping your legs flat will make it more difficult.

Folding your arms against your chest or placing your hands behind your head as you raise and lower will also make it more difficult.


An exercise that’s great for your legs and abs is doing squats.

Begin by standing tall with your arms down and by your side. Your legs should be no more than hip distance apart.

Squat raising your arms while you do it. Your arms should go straight out and no farther then chest level.

Ensure that your knees do not go past your toes. So make sure you squat straight down and up rather than leaning forward.

These are just some examples of exercise you can do with home fitness.

Make your workout as unique and fun as you wish, just make sure that all areas of your body are targeted.