4 Week Intense Home Workout Plan To Get Ripped

You want to get ripped, but you don’t or can’t join the gym. So, is there anything you can do?

Of course there is, and you’re in luck because we have put together a four week intense home workout plan to get you ripped. Here is what the plan looks like:

First Week

Man Doing Pushup Fitness Exercise At HomeThe first week consists of doing two exercises only, regular push-ups and body-weight squats.

However, the catch is that you will do those exercises every single day (7 days straight) and you will perform many reps and sets. You’ll also do them back to back.

First, do as many reps of push-ups as possible, followed by as many reps of body-weight squats as possible.

Take a 20-30 second rest before doing them again. Perform a total of 8-10 sets, and then do it all over again the following day and so on.

Second Week

The second week will have you doing a basic cardio workout, every other day.

Preferably you should do it on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and then on Saturday.

Just make sure you do it four days per week.

You will walk for a minute or two, followed by jogging for a minute or two and then run for a minute or two. Keep doing this for about 30 minutes.

You will then do the workout all over again later on in the day.

Do this workout four days of your choice, two times per day and by the end of the week you will be feeling the burn.

Third Week

The third week you will be working out daily.

The first workout is a push-up workout, which you will do 3-4 sets of regular push-ups, followed by incline push-ups and then decline push-ups. Do as many reps as you can for each set.

The second workout is body-weight squats. Do a total of 5-6 sets and as many reps.

The third workout is crunches, which will have you doing as many crunches per set. After you do that workout, do the first workout the following day.

Fourth Week

The last week you will do a mixture of workouts. You’ll train four days this week, and each day you’ll do something different.

First workout is doing jumping jacks, dancing and jogging in place. Do them in whatever order you like, but just make sure you spend 20 minutes non-stop doing them.

Second workout is jump box squats. Get a sturdy workout box and then jump onto it before jumping off of it. Start and end the workout in a squatting position.

The third workout is a simple jog. Do it in place or outside.

The last workout is regular push-ups and body-weight squats. Alternate between squats and push-ups and do a total of 4-5 sets for each exercise.

This home workout plan is effective, but you cannot skip anything.

If you are serious about getting ripped and looking better, then you need to put in  effort, even on the days you are tired and don’t feel like exercising.

Every single workout matters, so go ahead and give the above plan a try.

Within four weeks, you should notice a major difference in your physique.